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Squating Saves Lives

This summer I have realised why squatting saves lives. I know it might come off as a bold statement but I believe it is true….

Das Lied von Eis und Reue

Hast du dich am Wochenende wieder hinreißen lassen und ein Eis gegessen? Fühlst du dich mal wieder schlecht danach? Davon können viele ein Lied singen….

What does 1,5% give you

Did you make an deposit to your health account? If you remember I wrote about the health account before (read it here) and how our…

Kennst du das?

Kennst du diese Aussagen? “Ich fange an, wenn es auf Arbeit stressfreier wird.” “Im Herbst habe ich mehr Zeit.” “Am Montag fange ich an.” “Nächsten…


We want to change the lives of 70000 people in West Berlin over the next 30 years. We do this by changing the lives of…

Meet Jörn

Jörn started at Escapist CrossFit by coincidence but is now doing solid training which has improved his mobility, strength and posture. Start your journey too!

The Advanced Theory Course

Every time your coach explains the WHY of a certain workout, or movement, your learning curve goes up. I’m confident that even if you have…

4 Phases of Health & Fitness

There are 4 phases when it comes to health and fitness. I have defined theses as Inception phase, Propitious phase, Velocity phase and Autonomous phase….

Kicking ass at 90

I made this video to describe the difference between “HEALTH SPAN” and “LIFE SPAN”. This is linked to the concept of “kicking ass at 90”….

Meet Vera

Vera started at Escapist Crossfit 4 months ago and here is her story. Join Vera and book a Free Intro you too!

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