Improve Mobility: Front Rack Position

A common issue for many is the front rack position. At the beginning it feels kind of awkward.

But here some important questions to start with.

Why should I even care about the front rack position?

How can I improve it?

The Why…

The front rack position is a simple expression of shoulder function in the frontal plane.
We are looking at external rotation in a half-flexion of the shoulder.
Everyone is born with full capacity to perform this archetype but we commonly lose it because of all the internal rotation we to working with computers, phones and most things that are in front of us.

But as it very often shows if we neglect certain functions in a joint we tend to develop the following pathological train of obstacles:
– Reduced function in everyday life (like extending over head)
– Inflammation
– Pain
– Arthritis

Eventually it becomes a big pain or restriction and many opt for making surgery because they don’t know better.

This circle then continues to give bad feedback to the human moronic cycle and develop other problems down stream.

Think of having a pebble in your shoe. At the beginning you nearly notice it. After a while it starts to hurt. Soon you go from a small hobble to a big limp where the entire body is now adapted on being skewed in shoulders and back.


We can improve our shoulder by using it more of course but also being aware of using it the right way.
This is usually what we do in training.

But to see more progress we can work on other strategies like:
– Soft tissue mobility
– Active stretching
– Passive stretching
– Strengthening of antagonistic muscles
– Be hydrated
– Sleep well
– Eat well

Below you find some simp videos for quickly improving your front rack mobility.
Think of doing this like brushing you teeth. It is better to do 10 min daily than 60 min every Monday.

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