The Fun Factor

Every month when I speak to people about their health and fitness the word “fun” tends to emerge.

When I then ask what “fun” actually means it get harder to pin point exactly what that really is but words like:

  • Motivating
  • Challenging
  • Good Music
  • Community
  • Varied training

The pinnacle of all these components we see during the open. When I hear those words it seems like they are definitely important and also are a part of fun. But it is not all.

Consistency and results are the silent parts of “fun” that mostly are forgotten but without these there is no fun. Music does not feel motivating, there is a lack of community feeling and motivation drops quickly.

I am hyped and pumped to see how consistent many of our members have been the last months because this moves all needles at once.

Remember that if you ever struggle we are always just an email or text away to change that path. Asking for help is not failing it is the first step of winning.

Alright, time to get back to working on that fun factor!


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