Drop in at Escapist CrossFit

At Escapist CrossFit, we love getting visitors. We believe new people bring a new energy to our space. Whether you’re dropping in for a single session or are sticking around for a couple of days, you’re more than welcome at our gym.
Please be aware that we require at least 6 months of previous CrossFit experience.
Drop in: 25€
Drop in + Awesome ICANIWILL T-Shirt: 46€

Give us a heads up by filling in the form below, and one of our coaches will get back to you soon.

If you are doing your own program we offer PT sessions with a Coach (no open gym) to improve your training.


Between 1-4 June CrossFit Games Semifinals are coming to Berlin!
If you are a visitor and want to drop in we have a special schedule and offer for these days.
Find you class and sign up here.

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