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I am the proud founder of Escapist CrossFit and I want to create real careers in the Micro-gym industry.
Since 2022 I am a certified Mentor at Two-Brain Business and help other gyms all over the world to make better gyms. I am also the proud founder of Coaches Congress Berlin that brought professional coaching and expertise to this industry.

I always look for people that are driven and have a passion for helping others people grow. Send your application and I look forward to speak with you.

Our Mission

We want to change the lives of 70000 people in West Berlin over the next 30 years. We do this by changing the lives of our members on a daily basis by coaching in CrossFit and Nutrition. We work with the philosophy to put our members first.

Box Manager
CrossFit & PT Coaches (L1, L2 and/or PTA-B Licence) 30,000-60,000€
Part-Time (Freelance/Mini-Job) 4-8hrs per month 450-1200€/M

Kids Coach (4-8 hrs m) 450€
Full Time (30-40hr weeks) 30,000-60,000€
Nutrition Coach (Client based) 25,000-50,000€
Customer Success Manager 15-20€/hour

Your Tasks

Box Manager
As a Box Manager you are in charge of the operations and help the team and members to reach their goals. You are organised and love to be with people and communicate. In your position you will coach classes 5-10hrs a week, coach PTs, make staff evaluations and actively do lead nurture and sales.

Full Time Coach
You will deliver top notch quality classes between 10-15 hrs per week. You will nurture and grow PT hours from 10-15hrs a week and nurture leads, conduct sales and create client success roadmaps.

Part-time Coach Classes
Help out and coach amazing classes to support our great members.

Coach Personal Training Clients
Grow your coaching career with amazing PT clients. We look for setting up a steady schedule with steady clients.

Kids Coach
Do you burn for helping and changing the lives for kids and teens? Then we want to get to know you.
You will run and thrive with a group of kids and be responsible for communicating with parents and create life memories for the kids.

Opportunity to Grow Programs
We constantly look for ways for you to grow speciality programs within out gym. Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Kids or similar.

What we offer

Well paid above average fitness salary.

Opportunity to grow your coaching skills & income

We create road maps for our staff so they can become world class coaches.

You get good systems to work with and a reliable schedule.

Involved in international projects also possible.

How to apply

Click the link below to leave your application:

If you want you can include this in your CV:

  • Short summary of yourself
  • What would be your perfect day

If you fit our criteria we will invite you for a short interview via Zoom and go though the following steps together.

We look forward to hear from you!

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