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Rickard Long owner of Escapist CrossFit
Our founder

Rickard Long

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Rickard moved to Berlin in 2011 and in 2013 he got involved into CrossFit. It changed his life. Coming from an entrepreneurial background he then started Escapist CrossFit 2016 together with his business partner. The goal from the start was to reach as many people as possible locally and internationally in 2017 he then started an international podcast with fitness and health professionals called Escapist Corner. 2021 during the lockdowns Rickard created and broadcasted “Box Owners Battle” in cooperation with CrossFit DACH and worked on the broadcasting team for The Open and The CrossFit Games.

Our coaches

Wanda Herold coach at Escapist CrossFit

Wanda Herold

Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & Admin Wanda is a talent in coaching and organisation. She started her fitness journey within classical gyms before she then decided to move from being a manager of a large fitness facility to work on coaching on a personal level at Escapist CrossFit. Wanda has several certifications such as Level 2 CrossFit, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Level A&B Personal Training licence and continues to work on her development.

Mark Hine

Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach and Onboarding Specialist Mark has is background in English Rugby where he played many years. He ditched his job at Tesla to focus on his passion to coach people. He has several Personal Training Licenses and is a certified CrossFit Coach.

Juliana Serrano Graves coach at Escapist CrossFit

Juliana Serrano Graves

CrossFit Coach Juliana brings people to new levels and runs speciality programs like gymnastics and weightlifting. She is currently also doing her masters in molecular biology at Freie Univeristät in Berlin.

David Gröger coach at Escapist CrossFit

David Gröger

CrossFit Coach David has been at Escapist almost from the start and has been a steady wheel in the coaching team. He is known to bring people the best vibe in the classes and loves to motivate people. Making each class the best hour of the day for our members.

Patrick Hunter Graves

CrossFit Coach Hunter has several years of experience coaching at different facilities in the USA. He moved to Berlin to pursue new learnings and runs onboarding and speciality classes at Escapist CrossFit.


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