3 min rule

3 minutes is not a lot of time.

Waiting for the train 3min, nothing.

Standing in line at BER, nothing.

Bike ride to work, nothing.

To closest restaurant, nothing.

Have a kebab, nothing.

Getting your Getir order, nothing.

But if we

Do burpees? omg!

Do squats? My legs!

Push-ups? I’m dying!

Context matters as we see, but here is how to use the 3 min rule as a trigger when you feel low motivation.

Put on your training shoes and get outside the door for three minutes. If your motivation has not changed, just go home, otherwise go to the gym or go for a run.

Of course you can use this for boring work stuff to that you are procrastinating too. Do it for three minutes and stop in three minutes if you feel like it.

The minimum dose of exercise, to see improvements in  health, is at one minute. So worst case we get a bit more if we just at least commit three minutes.

Remember: The 3 Minute rule 

Kind regards 


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