What makes us happy!

We all strive to feel better and to have something to work towards. We all know, that the journey is really the thing that fulfils us, and that the end-goal will always moving towards new “heights” and we aim for new targets. Simply staying at one goal does not make us happy. Just like sitting down on a chair, is at first resting, but at some point you want to move because remaining seated starts to hurt too much.

An example when it comes to fitness.

I aim to lose 5 kgs of weight. I set up a plan with my coach and we dial in a healthy habit with my nutrition and training. Very soon I will have hit my target and I feel happy and excitement.

“Wow! i did it!” 

And now my eyes start to open. 

“What else can I reach if I plan and work on another goal?”

Together with your coach you set up the next goals and now we start to feel exited again. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with life and don’t know what are goals are and this is where a coach helps to provide clarity again. We get exited again.

Over time we also start to see the compound effect of us doing progress and this is where so many start to see ROI on their businesses, relationships and careers.

This is the main reason why we are coaches. 

We want to make your life better outside the gym. 

That is what really matters.

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