First things first

“I don’t have time to train” or “I don’t have time to cook” are just other words for not putting first things first.

There will never suddenly one day be more time to take care of your health. It will rather be the opposite where as you fill out your jar with gravel and the big stones will not fit inside any more.

This analogy comes from the book “7 habits of highly effective people” and it describes how important it is to put first things first. 

What those first things are will have some individual variations but I wanted to share the ones that are the most important to every human being. Those I described in the my “4 Pillars of health” concept to help you see the impact it has one you.

In the 4 pillars of health we prioritise nutrition, sleep, exercise and social connections. All these four pillars are measurable and one cannot be neglected without the “roof” collapsing. 

The roof in this concept is our well being, our happiness and our mental health.

Cheat on one of the pillars your mental health will suffer. You career will suffer. Your life will be limited.

The way to fix this is to put these pillars first before you make other endeavours.

If you have a hard time knowing how to do talk to one of our coaches.

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