Having strong legs does not automatically mean you have big legs. Having big legs does also not automatically mean they are strong.In MRI scans you can see that most people in western countries have a lot of fat inside the muscles as well as outside the muscles.

If you already have “big” legs and you get stronger they will not grow but rather shrink as the fat inside the muscle start to disappear. As the legs get stronger they will need more fuel and create a cascade of benefits for the rest of the body.

¨Natural effects of having stronger legs is that your metabolic health will overall fast improve and you will have better sleep, better libido and more overall energy.

Overall people with stronger legs live longer and have more active lives when they grow older.People with stronger legs will slow down the entire aging process of your body.

If you don’t squat deep and often you will end up with weaker bones and most likely be more fragile in any stressful event in your life.

Here is a small test.

Can you squat below 90 degrees, with your feet straight without your knees wobbling for 25 reps? 50 reps? 100 reps?Awesome!

Next step for your is to start with resistance training.

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