We all have insecurities. Here is how to understand them.
We currently live in a world where there are many unknowns. When will our kids go back to school? When can I see go to see my friends and family safely again? When will our life return to normal?
Right now it seems to be that our insecurity hinges on something that is completely out of our control. So the question is what can you do to feel secure and strong. You must ask yourself what is in my power right now to not allow the uncertainty to prevail.

There is no better time than right now to show yourself what you are made of. What you can really be and who you really are. Right now the challenge is showing up for yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to empower yourself.

But let’s first understand what insecurity is, and how it can control who we are if we allow it to hold power over us.

Insecurity lives within all of us. Whether it is the fear of stepping on to a scale to see a number that we believe will define our worth, or the new parents bringing home their baby, and not having the first clue of how to begin the journey of raising a child. Insecurities can take many forms. They creep in and move into our life like a loud tenant in a building.

We do not need to be vulnerable to be insecure. We can be vulnerable and brave at the same time. In a way vulnerability and courage are one and the same. Our insecurities will only win when our mind decides to give over to the ego. The ego to put it in context is our false self, or preconditioned mind.

Only when we can look our fear and insecurities in the eye and give it the permission to speak, we can overcome what hinders our potential.

What is standing in our way of finding out what we are made of is our ego deciding what is better for us. The ego has the power to influence and derail every aspect of our life. This is

where and when insecurity reigns over us.
However, As soon as we can lean into the power of our inner strength, the insecurity, doubt, and resilience has no room to grow and live within our consciousness.

It begins with you. Turn your wounds into wisdom. Acknowledge the insecurity. Look at them as only thoughts that have moved in to your consciousness. Once you do this, you can begin to question their truth. Begin to ask yourself: is this something that defines who I am? or is it something or someone else that made you believe this narrative? Ask yourself, how do I know this to be true?

We are stronger than we often feel or think. Give yourself the chance to show yourself what you are made of, and change the direction of the type of person you want to be.

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