50/50 Challenge

Last year about this time I kicked off a small challenge for the community to join.

It is called the 50/50 challenge and means we are doing 50 push-ups for 50 days.

Everyone that participates does the push-ups in any way or form that they like.

I would just advice to make a video of your own push-ups at the start and at the end.

Feel free to spread some inspiration to you friends also and get them fired up to do something about their fitness. Doing 50 push-ups is a good start for many just to get their engines going and to get to know their body again and if you are more advanced it is a nice challenge to see how fast you can go and scale the movement up to handstand push-ups or similar.

Tag me and escapist crossfit on instagram to show your progress.

@rickardlong and @escapistcrossfit

Download the graphic here if you want to use it.

Good luck!


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