Beating Recession

It is a lot of news today about the recession and how gas prices and power prices are going through the roof. Too that we also have a heat wave and wars. Many of these factors are not something we by ourselves can do much about and are outside our circle of influence. 

Truth is that some people see crisis as an opportunity. When we went through 10 months of lockdowns we were challenged hard and many of my fellow gyms in the world had to close their doors forever. We tried to see it as and challenge and upgraded everything we know about coaching during that time. Truth is we have never worked so much because we knew we had to be there for our members even if we could not train in our gym.

As we try to manage our expenses I want to give you some key cornerstones when it comes to doing this the best way. I know you might be thinking “what does have to do with fitness” and yes this is not purely about protein, fats and carbs but it will affect our health and fitness too.

What you want to do is to cut out expenses that are not productive and focus on the ones that give you an outcome.

What is productive and not will vary for most of us but there are key factors you want to look for. 

Productive expenses are INVESTMENTS that invest in to your future health and wealth. Unproductive expenses steal your time from your investments usually.

Productive costs usually come with more opportunities where you can try to get more out of each expense by fully utilising them.

Productive costs

Training & health
Transportation & Travel

Unproductive costs

Amazon prime
Disney play
Video games
Other subscriptions that DON’T add productivity 

One other tool you can use is the Eisenhower matrix and work on the things that are important and remove the unimportant from your life.(see below) 

It is staggering how much time and money we actually spend on unimportant things that actually only keep us farther away from what makes us happy. I know because I am guilty of it all myself but I do take actions to eliminate them from my life in moments of high-stress.

If you find this helpful let me know and if you have any great tips feel free to share them!

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