Peloton in crisis

Peloton is in crisis. 

The booming star during the pandemic just announced they are now stopping manufacturing of bikes and treadmills. (story published here )

Every decade we have new trends in equipment or pills and supplements that will solve our problems. But usually it ends up in that the equipment becomes a dust collector or get reused as a hanger for laundry.

It is not because the equipment does not work it is that it will not work if not being used. The reason it is not being used is because there is lack of a plan and accountability. At the beginning it is the expense (“I have paid x much money, now I have to use it”) and the excitement for something new that motivates. But when that wears down is where a coach comes in.

The need of the right coach at the right stage. When you want to lose weight, you need a nutrition coach. When you want to get stronger you need a strength coach. When you need to get back from injury or pain you need a personal trainer with that experience. If you want to run a marathon you need a running coach. If you buy a peloton you might need an accountability coach.

This is the fastest and most sustainable way that we see helps people sticking to their training if it is inside our outside our gym.

In fact we had a couple of clients we coached during the lockdowns and integrated their peloton bikes. After lockdown they kept their fitness and even improved their mobility and strength.

A small fraction of people can work by themselves but usually they have had decades of coaching before that. For more inexperienced people it usually comes to a dead stop or even ends up in injury. We all know about that friend starting with running and within 6 months they have to stop due to pain in their knee, hip, feet or back. 

I have different coaches for different goals and the faster you start to work with a coach the faster sustainable progress you will see.

On August 21 I will host a free in person and online (zoom) about sustainability in health and training. Sign up via the link below to get a boost for this fall.

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