How I got 1000 times happier

“We have been together 5 year, but when we get to 10 we celebrate”
“I just showed up, it is nothing special”
“I know I got a promotion, but at my age I should have been further”
“I gained 1kg muscle, but I could have gained more”
“I know I lost 3kg but it is not like losing 5kg”
“I am much stronger now, but I am not as strong as the others”

Do these phrases sound common? Yes it is because they are. I hear them on a daily basis.
We tend to always postpone the small steps and milestones we take.

We believe that motivation comes from just thinking about the “end goal” but science tells us something else.
To become motivated it is helpful to have a great goal because it sets the direction we are going.

But what actually creates motivation is to celebrate each and every small step we take towards the goal.
Our brain is wired and gets “programmed” by our acknowledgements of small progression and this releases the powerful molecule dopamine. The more dopamine the more motivation and speed we get.

About two years ago I started to summarise my weekly brightspots for my team, our members, my mentors and family. I have collected over 1000 brightspots in this time and it is one of the most powerful tools I want to share with you because it changes our brains into seeing opportunities and to be more grateful over all.

This is why we celebrate brightspots at the gym every week and especially every Friday.

I will be relentless to teach you to start doing this because it will wire you to see more in life.
It will make you happier, it will make you more productive and it will motivate everyone else!

I want you to do one thing:
Write me an email: rickard at

What should you write?
It can be big, but more often it is about the small things.
“I drank a great cup of coffee with a friend I really like”
“I took a morning walk”
“I did 20s handstand hold”

Kind regards

Ps. This exercise is 100% free and something worth thinking about in times of “worries” we can still focus on the good things.

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