Squating Saves Lives

This summer I have realised why squatting saves lives.

I know it might come off as a bold statement but I believe it is true. During the last weeks I have observed a lot of people outside the gym and it often strikes me how many cannot sit down or stand up without any aid.

The reason behind it is of course obvious. Most people never squat, they sit most of the day and when they exercise they either bike or run. There is simply no time spent developing or even maintaining posterior chain strength.

When we train at Escapist we regularly do bodyweight squats which itself puts us far above the majority in muscle stimulation, and squats with weights brings us to the single digit percent in Germany that can do it. It is not magic but simple logic.

This week our summer challenge group has been tested by doing squat therapy. It is great tool to improve strength in the posterior chain just with our body as weight. The closer to the wall you get the stronger your back, butt, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are.This is the magic medicine to many chronic pains.

For example I read Germany alone performed 1 million back surgeries in one year, 2700 per day, (It is increased by 200% in 10 years) many whom could have been prevented by squats.

Some simple squats per week enables us to walk stairs, up rocky hills, climb over obstacles and stay healthy. It gives us life quality and more options in life.

Someone that has done many squats last years is Sarah. She back squatted and deadlifts almost 100kg. Now she has reached more than 300 sessions of training at Escapist. We are so proud of you!

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