Get through your struggles

Hi family,

One thing that drags me down the most is when our members struggle.

When I say struggle, I mean they have a hard time with motivation, are injured or simply distracted. Sometimes these all three come due to each other or independent of each other.

If you belong to this category, this text is for you.

I am injured in my hand
Last week one member called me. his wrist needs to be in a cast and he was so frustrated because he would not be able to do barbell work right now.
When he asked his doctor about training the doctors response was:
“-Why are you asking a question you will not like the response of?”
So we talked about his goals and his options and also related these to his goals.
We quickly realised that if we adapt his workouts for being single armed for the next month he will actually reach his goals faster than if he just lays on the couch or does some 20 min physio sessions.

I am injured in my elbow
I had a similar discussion with another member the week before. Her elbow got very damage in a car crash and right now does not allow for a lot of weights so we looked at our goals and concluded her legs will now be a main focus anyway and since they are all healthy we will see a lot of progress on those.

I am injured in my back/shoulder
Pavan struggled with back pain when he came to Escapist first time. After just a couple of weeks it started to improve however one of his shoulders limited him from doing basically any overhead training for the last three months.

His shoulder started to feel better and this week he came in and snatched a PR.
We also did an InBody to see what had happened on his inside and he had gained 4kg of muscle.

This all though we had to limit some of his movements and training.

Thing is this…we know our members more than any other professional for one very simple fact:

We see our members MANY hours in a week/month. Much more than any professional.

I am very humbled by this fact and I want to make the best to serve our community with the insight we have.

Here is my advice to you. If you hit any kind of struggle we are one phone call away, one email away, one text away to keep helping you towards your goals.
Simply ask “How can I keep on training?” or “Is there a better way for me that you have seen?”

I am happy to help.

All the best

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