Stop down talking yourself

I think you deserve to feel good and to improve at your fitness, but it has to be for the right reason and for the right purpose.

Sometimes I can get stressed with my training and my fitness. I feel like I need to do more, improve faster and know the next secret to human physiology. Not being results all the time can put me off and make me feel I doubt myself and I know other think this way too.

I am here to say that it is ok not to improve exponentially everyday. The constant input of data from our phones, gadgets and in our gym can sometimes blind us and make us think too short term.
For me this is always hard because I rally want to improve all we do instantly and I want us to be better everyday. But I have also had to learn that consistency is key.

I believe in data and that it is important to keep track of what we do but we have to always ask ourself why we do this. The purpose for your training and fitness has to be grounded in the most important things in life. So feel free to zoom out and see the big picture of what you are doing.

The key is the consistency of your training rather than the numbers from sessions to session.

If you have problem with consistency it is really time to talk to us. Set up a goal talk and have a coffee and talk to us. Remember you don’t have to PR at everything all the time, more important is that you keep showing up.

Kind regards


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