We always have two options, wait or take action

One very common situation I have to handle is to make a decision. Sometimes I have multiple options and might get fatigued about knowing what option to take.

When it comes to closing the next computer, phone or shoes there are more options than I can compute. This then leads to decision paralysis, as we don’t know what decision will be actually the best for me.

In these situations it helps to have a coach that then works as a filter to use his or her experience to save you a lot of time and energy to take the better decisions. This is the role we have at Escapist CrossFit. We obviously coach you with the squat, clean or your handstand but fundamentally it comes to asking us what you could do that would bring you forward faster, or what would work to bring you back to training routines again.

In other situations, I feel like I have no options at all. These are usually the situations that can feel hopeless, but the truth is we always have two options. We can either do something or we can do nothing. If we do nothing we leave the the actions to happen to us. 

If we take action we have to think, and we have to take responsibility, and that is hard. 

And it can be easy to fail. 

This is the reason why many end up with taking the easier way, which is to not take action. 

This is easier but it is definitely not the better way. 

If we take this into the situation of fitness if becomes obvious.

If I have an issue with my training, I can take action or I can do nothing. 

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