2020 Challenge

Starting 1st of September we will start the 2020 challenge which is our way to look at obstacles, which is we try to do something good about it. Starting 1st of September we will kick off with doing 2020 push-ups in 20 days. For intermediate participants I suggest you do 20 push-ups for 20 days. For those who like push-ups you will need to keep an average of doing 101 push-ups for 20 days.
101 x 20 = 2020.

Download the picture here

Each we will reward a “Wodness”  as a spirit of the week. The Wodness is someone who inspires others to do their best during this challenge. Check out social media channels the next couple of days to get prepped for the challenge. The challenge will end 20th of September with a small community celebration together.

Let’s go!

Use the hashtags #escpstchallenge or #wodness

Start here

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