How to be happier with yourself

Last week I gave you some easy tools to evaluate your all around health and fitness and this week we will look at some easy stoic mindset tips to keep your mind in the right spot and focused on the right things. One of the best lessons I’ve learn from neuroscientist Sam Harris is about mindfulness and his view on our thoughts. The main reason for being stressed, unhappy and feeling unsatisfied is the result of the story you tell yourself in your own mind and you not realising it means you are lost in thought. The best anti-dote is to be present and to change the story you are telling yourself.

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In stoisism it is common to think about a worst case scenario and get in peace with that but another very helpful way to actually do it is to imagine yourself in a much worse situation than you actually are in. Let’s say you are pissed off because someone cut you in traffic, or you are stressed because you don’t know if a deadline will be met. Simply by imagining that you could be terminally sick or only having 3 months left to live your perspectives change and you would do anything in the world to get back to normal. And this can change the story inside your head.

What does this have to do with training? Well, same thing when we get stressed about training or our diet we tend to tell ourselves mean stories just because we did not perform as we expected or we simply quit half-way because we tell ourselves “I can’t make it, what is the point”. Again that is you lost in thought, not even realising it. Sometimes our goals get blurry and it is hard to find the straightest path to them and we get all stressed up about it, totally forgetting to actually lift our heads up, open our eyes and being present about the journey and the moment we are in. Each moment is unique of its own and you chose if you want to continue to be lost in thought or if you want to be enjoying the ride.



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