Diets might be a trap

Sometimes I get chocked by the things I hear from what people get for advice from “Ernährungsberater” before coming to our gym. 

Very often it is a heavy focus on drinking some specific “fat loss shake” (such a ridiculous thing, sorry) and then create habits of starving yourself over the day.

I don’t think it is bad to have intermediate eating habits but this is a totally different thing.

The biggest psychological disorder in the world is actually “compulsive eating disorder” and the most common pattern of how people get caught in this pattern is by trying to starve themselves which usually ends up in binge-eating in the evening.

Yesterday, me and coach Juliana talked about this eating disorder and how it destroyed Julianas health as a teenager. She wanted to lose weight so she skipped breakfast, skipped lunch, felt terrible and then late night binged. At 24 she then discovered CrossFit and it completely changed everything in her life. But that’s another story.

In my opinion about 95% of all human beings have this “disorder” installed in their genes. Why? Because it is a defence mechanism to keep us alive in times of famine. This disorder would have saved our lives in times of drought or other disasters. 

Now, modern life can be hard but in reality we are surrounded by processed products triggering our calorie craving brain. Brain studies even show that the brain makes the decision for eating a snack before the person even was conscious about it. This neurological mechanic pathway sets will-power aside.

We at Escapist want to build healthy habits and relationship to food but also create a better perception of ourselves of why we believe we have to look a certain way, or why we need to weigh a certain weight. 

The mirror does not make us feel good (mirror mirror on the wall) it is the action we take to make a change to our routines of nutrition and training. When we eat good, we also feel good. When we move, we feel even better.

Next time you look yourself in the mirror tell that person what you would tell your absolute best amazing friend in life. 



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