What to do, when you don’t have time

If you have a career or business, and you are a mom or dad you most likely don’t have much time.

This means we have to prioritise the type of training we do. Spend as little time as possible in the gym and get the most out of that time.

Most people stop training at the regular gym because they are not doing the right movements at the right intensity.

The human body has some movement patterns that repeat themselves and are applicable in everyday life and in sports.

A lot of movements in the fitness industry can be gimmicky and something we strive to mitigate and always ask us WHY ARE WE DOING THIS MOVEMENT?

Yesterday I told you about three essential movements I think people should focus on when it comes to strength training; deadlift, squats and press.

The deadlift is the ability to lift something heavy from the floor to the hip. We do this everyday when we lift our bags or any object from the floor. When we practice this movement in the gym we upgrade our “software” to do these movements in a safe way.

Most people hurt their backs when lifting everyday objects rather than in the gym, it is picking up a bag and then it hits the back. It is because the software (the brain) is not aware of what movement pattern it is utilising and not stabilising the spine as it should.

Other benefits of the deadlift is of course that it create a strong core that keeps future problem away. Also it trains all the major muscles in the body. 

Grip strength is one of the biggest correlates for longevity and if you don’t train it will start to decline after 30.

Another correlate for longevity is our leg strength. To train the back of our legs we do deadlifts and for the front side we do squats. Working on heavy weighted squats like front squats also has the benefit of creating a rocksolid core. As people advance I also recommend to work on squat cleans which is one of the parts in olympic lifting. It adds some more pulling to your training, a lot of coordination and balance combined with explosively. 

Having strong legs and core translate to all everyday activities with just something basic as going to the toilet. It makes our knees robust to handle a quick run to the bus or hiking in the nature.

One of the most common arthritis issues people get are in the shoulders. Just in the last 20 years the numbers have been exploding because people that grew up in the technology age spend way more time in front of computers and the younger generations even more time in front of their phones. The shoulders are rarely being used and if we want to mitigate shoulder problems and pains we have to use the joints in the movement patterns we born born to use.

Pressing overhead has many benefits as improving posture, improving core stability and the increase of blood flow to the shoulder area can help to mitigate headaches and improve activation of blood flow to the extremities.

I know, who has the time to think of all of this when life is busy. This is why people have coaches that know these things and can make plans for longevity and health.

For people with very busy and stressful lives the best option is personal training.

As soon as the habits are strong it might be a good option to start with some kind of group training.

The best mix is to have some personal training, some group and then do some homework.

Have a successful week!


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