Motivation: Why do I care?

Alright, you have come here to read something to maybe help you to get motivated or inspired and good news is that this is also the purpose of this short article.

Some time ago I felt like I needed to start writing more and by thinking of the action of writing does not get me that exited at all, but still I do and here is why. I can not not write when there is something to write about that I care about.

And here lies also my motivation. I care. If I would not care about what I do I would stop writing, I would stop writing emails, I would stop texting people, I would stop coaching and I would do something else.
When we opened the box I did not realise that this was my drive and that I also needed to start to understand the drive of my members.

As some of you know this is also why I ask you in our total talks why you are here and what makes you want to spend time in our box. 

Many times the reason is not very obvious or very clear and this is why I think it is great to get help with somebody asking. Sometimes asking can be hard and sometimes answering can be even harder, but by challenging the status quo we gain new territory within ourselves and can get more out of the world.
Sometimes the motivation can also come from books and maybe even from memes that catch our attention to take a deeper dive towards doing something else. For me it is usually podcasts, audiobooks and a fair amount of YouTube lectures and seminars I digest when others are asleep.

As soon as you discover what drives you motivation never really ends but sometimes it might weaken and then the power of community is a great safety net and if that community is breathing the things you care about it will blow wind in your sails when you really need it.



2 thoughts on “Motivation: Why do I care?”

  1. Never stop trying to help people to make themselves a better athlete , person , friend , husband …. thanks for your support and inspiration bro !

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