Do you want to climb a mountain?

Always when I see a mountain I get caught in a spell and my thoughts tend to fall in to a state of trance.

The greatness of mountains is hard to put down into words but I am going to do an attempt to understand why a pile of rock have compelled the minds of humans for thousands of years.

The other day our member Alex told me he climbed the highest mountain in Turkey last week. He went there with a group of people and at the end only two made it to the top and Alex was one of them. He told me he was surprised by how thin the air got but also that he could keep going as people half his age had to stop. Alex has trained for one and a half year to keep himself fit for his family, work and lecturing and that fitness allowed him to do something most people cannot do, reach the top.

High mountains are symbolic for the big obstacles in life and when we see them from the bottom they make us speechless and sometimes numb. If we have the confidence we will start walking up the mountain even though its paths are not clear from the start. The reward of climbing the mountain is to reach another level of beauty in life and our development. We own that mountain now and it now fits inside us and transforms us into its greatness.

When we then return home, we look at people like Alex as if they where the mountain themselves.

Alex does not train to be a mountain climber, he trains so he can have the confidence to climb any mountain, literarily and metaphorically speaking,  that comes in his way.

Are you ready to climd your next mountain?

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