Setting the ideal

We are constantly looking for the ideal. And the definition of ideal something humans always have tried to define. It can be complicated and very philosophical but simply put the ideal is the thing you strive for being and achieving.

We always look for ideals in our careers, parenting and lifestyle. This is why we love reading about successful people. How did they achieve to have so amazing lives? What do they read and where do they go? 

This drive is so big that most of television and media is based on giving us different ideals that we might get fixated on. For some people that is Annie Thorisdottir and for others it might be Justin Trudeau.

Setting high ideals is important to do but more important is to understand that reaching your ideal takes time and it requires guidance.

As a coach my assignment is to help you to find out what your ideal is for your health, fitness and maybe even your life. Then as a coach I have to give you the right advice depending on where you are at in your journey.

Giving someone who is at stage 1 the same advice as someone at stage 6 can be contra-productive or even dangerous. 

Your homework for this week is to figure out your ideal and what next steps might be to get there.

I want to help you to find and understand your next step on your journey.  In our coaching we do this via our goal review talks and this is the best opportunity to understand and define your ideals and goals. Feel free to book one free call via this link.



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