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I am happy you wanted to have a look at how it is to work at Escapist CrossFit. In a box there are many tasks and roles than needs to be done by the best person in that role or task. It is coaching we need a great coach that is a good coach 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening.

We want our staff to want to follow our vision, mission and be guided by our values. That creates trust, happiness and effectiveness. We all recognise that we are not perfect but we strive for following our values and do better over time.

As anyone starts we want to guide them through the best possible path to success. We start with creating a development roadmap. That means the start has to be good and that is why new staff go through our onboarding program that has its most intense parts in the first 12 weeks but extends over the first 12 months.

We regularly work on feedback and want to build an open feedback culture to improve ourselves. This involves personal development meetings where we update and create a better development roadmap.

Our vision is to create a legacy of positive change and influence the health of young, middle aged and old people.

If you want to help people to get fit, healthy, feel good and be happy please feel free to write us at jobs (at)

Co-Founder & CEO

Here you can find our latest job offerings at Escapist CrossFit:

Escapist CrossFit Coach – Personal Trainer / PT (July 2022)

Escapist Admin & Customer Success Manager (asap)

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