Finishing 2021 in the best way

It is easy to get overwhelmed to get things done, but no worry you will make it.

We are one week out of from Christmas and I wanted to give some focus points these last day before the holidays.

One important task – First things first
Distinguish the most one important task you have to do for work. Which one is it? It will probably be the hardest one, but doing it will make the other things easier. I get it, you have multiple important things but here you have to find out the most important and do that first.

Plan our your workout days today and don’t let it to serendipity. If you need help with this talk to your coach!

Add more protein and veggies (skip the fast-food) in the next days. I know there will still be some stuff you will eat you don’t have to eat, but try to keep 80% with more proteins and veggies as it will keep you full longer.

Take out time thiefs
Skip watching TV or Netflix until Christmas as these actually steel time from you recovering. Lack of recover will lead to higher stress feeling. If you can, you should probably turn off your social media apps too, especially if you are very stressed.

In my next blog post I will share how to set up 2022 in the best way. Until then check here:

Join our open group on Facebook called “Me time” which focuses on health and fitness. Every week I share free guides and tips. This weekend you will get a holiday workout plan to work on when you are maybe at your family’s house or on a trip.

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts check out this blog for our top 5 Christmas gifts.

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