Cold hands and feet?

If you have cold hands and feet, I would check my diet first.

It can be a good sign your metabolism is low. If you under nourish your body this will be a constant. Anything constant we sometimes think is normal aka “Im born this way” but probably you have an underlying malnourishment practice going on.

Being malnourished is more common than we think and something I think destroys the hormones and lives of many young girls and boys. Girls mainly due to low calorie deficits combined with sub-nutritional foods like “salads” and processed “healthy” foods. And boys due to higher consumption of processed foods.

There are also diseases related to this topic and often longterm malnourishment causes longterm damage and dysfunction.

Good news is, if you have cold feet and hands you can probably fix it. 

If you for some reason don’t train and lift weights – you have to grow up and start with it first.

Combine that with adjusting your diet and try out multiple ways until you find a good one.

If you want to spare yourself a lot of guessing and time get a coach.

We coach people with their diet and it is not about giving a meal plan but it is to make a strategic to find the best individual diet for each person.

Same way coaching works with training. One part of coaching is to teach and check technique but the most valuable part of coaching is to have someone that makes a plan and helps when life and work is busy. It is easy to forget your health because the impact does not happen over night but it slowly changes us and suddenly we are in panic and the way back is longer than it had to be.

Book a free Non Sweat with one of our coaches and see if we can help you.

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