Top 5 things to buy someone else for Christmas

We are now heading into the panic mode to find the perfect gift for our family our friends, so here are some ideas of what you can get to someone you like.

Online Personal Training

Let someone you know start at his pace comfort of his own facilities. Our coaches help and create a program to get them a good start in 2022. You will receive a beautiful voucher to gift your friend.

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Yoga Mat

Everyone should have yoga mat at home for themselves, their partners and kids. Get a nice routine of stretching or doing yoga together is a great way to bound together. Order now to get it before Christmas.

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Personal Training Package

If you are very serious to kickstart someones health and fitness the best way to start is with personal training with one of our coaches. The program can be 100% tailored for the person you love. You will receive a voucher and a Escapist T-Shirt to your friend.

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Nutrition Kickstart Package

You want to kickstart your friends nutrition and habits in 2022? Then this is the perfect time to start. We will send you a voucher to gift your friend.

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Company Nutrition Kickstart Package

Maybe you want to surprise your staff or you want to get your boss on with your idea to run a nutrition kickstart next year.
Send us an email here and we will send you a full program of how that looks.

Is there anything missing? Just shoot us an email here and we will get back to you.

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