The Woman Myth

Myths around being pregnant or being a mother we have to stop.

Very often when I write it is because I am getting frustrated. Often it has to do with lack of knowledge and sometimes because I lack the skills to communicate.

However, last week I went to a world leading conference with the best coaches professionals when it comes to weightlifting, nutrition and exercise.

I ended up talking to a great woman called Jenn Markwandt who is a nutritionist based in Idaho and that focuses on coaching women with their nutrition and training.

We talked about all the myths women are going through and telling themselves that are limiting them from so much opportunity. I think in training we see this a lot. We see how women crush myths on a daily basis while the ones staying at home never get to explore who they really are and what they are capable of.

For me this is a burning matter because I’m allergic to any myth that is limiting any individual out there and I will do my best to teach my three daughters what life is about by showing them the great women we have in our box and outside.

I could write about this matter for days but to start with I wanted to keep this short and to the point. So here we go:

Women training a couple of times week don’t get bulky, they get stronger for sure which then leads to getting leaner, getting more confident, sleeping better and being more amazing humans.

Women are all not the same but individuals, so one thing that works for Lisa will not always work for Linda. We don’t have to compare with with anyone else except our past selves. 

Women that are pregnant should not just eat tons of unhealthy foods because they are eating for two. The calorie requirement for sure go up but many women set themselves up for post-partum depression with falling for this myth. I am all for that women shall enjoy their pregnancy because it is one of natures wonders but I am not a fan of what I see women going through in their late pregnancy and after. 

Women that are pregnant should train and keep their fitness going. The training will change a bit and it is not the time to do life time PRs. However regular exercise is exactly the best thing a woman can do for her and the baby during a normal pregnancy. The question is not what she cannot do but what she CAN do.

Have an amazing week and keep that fitness rocking!



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