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Due to corona my life has changed inwards, backwards, upside, inside and back almost on a weekly basis. Trying to handle new situations like having to close the gym and suddenly also be taking care of kids on full-time while at the same time trying to squeeze in 14 hours of work it was not always easy to find room for training, but I am glad I did and also most of our members. 
Now things have slowly gotten back to something we can recognise from before but at the same time – it is not the same!

My routines have been thrown up in the air and stamped on so many times that in June I really needed to find a way to get things in line again and I think this could help you too.

Take out your calendar and look at next week 13th-19th July, and I want you to write down the three most important things you need to take care of and that you want to do in three different categories. If you don’t know exactly what is the most important simply right up all things you can come up with and then underline the things you feel are the most uncomfortable things to do. Here the categories:
1. Family & Friends
2. Health & Fitness
3. Work
In that order. 

Set out at least three blocks for fitness in the calendar to start with.
If you are doing home office I want you to go up at the same time as before lockdown and a morning routine that you enjoy doing even if it is only 5-10 minutes long. I have suggested to some of our members to actually even go out first thing in the morning and get some actual sunlight on your skin.
After that, add your work schedule to your plan and now look at how much time you might have left between 7:00 and 21:00. If you feel like you have time over and would like to do something with your time you can sign up for an online course on some university – there are free ones and there are ones you need to pay for. Here is one place: http://www.futurelearn.com

I know for some of you, you might have bigger things to plan that might even overwhelm you and I know how that can feel. Best advice here is to break it into smaller pieces and to get started rather than to postpone it. 

If you feel like you are fully satisfied with everything you do then I am happy for you and wish you to continue with all of that! 



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