You are in charge

Every week I will try to catch the current vibe I get from talking to people here and outside our community.

Now during this pandemic, we have been tested on many ways and no matter what has or will happen it is important to underline that you are in charge, but you are not in control. 

Trying to control is a great way to stress yourself out and never feel accomplished.
What you need to do is to be is not in control of other things but to be in charge of how you respond to the things that are happening in life.

Often it is things from the outside that affect us in a way that we lose rhythm, motivation and control.
However, if you are in the mindset of being in charge, nothing really matters if they happen. Because you know you will find a new way.
In the book “7 Habits of highly successful people” this is a part of being pro-active. In stoicism it is about knowing that the direction you want to go does not change because the road ends up longer than you thought it would be. 

So how can we be more in charge? 

Here are some actionable things you can take time to think about or write down if you prefer. (Writing it down has more effect.)

  1. What is your response to your boss/wife/husband if they ask you to do something else than training?
  2. What is you strategy for your training when you have to travel for work, or even worse, if there is a 2 year lockdown?
  3. What would you do if you miss the bus or you are stuck in traffic and you will not make it on time?
  4. How will you get back to training after being sick?
  5. What is your mindset if you would have a small injury from an accident?
  6. What if something knocks your motivation off, how can you find the motivation?
  7. What if you feel tired?

What is your response?

Good luck!


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