How to define intention of a workout

Another great week has started and I wanted to give you a small glimpse into this weeks programming for the group classes and add some explanation to the intention of the workouts.

Some days we have low-rep workouts and some days we have high-rep workouts and they vary much often in their shape or form. For the low-rep workouts we are mostly emphasising strength training on those days but there is always room for adaption in those workouts and here is an example:

Workout 1-1-1-1-1 Deadlift

The intention of the workout is to go heavy on this workout and go to the limits of what your body can handle strength and mental wise, however sometimes we feel a bit tired or we cannot create enough force due to lack of mobility or coordination and in these cases it is a great opportunity to work on an adaptation that fives you a similar stimulus which can be that we de-crease the range of motion, decrease weight and increase repetitions or slowdown and go for slow-motion tempo on the movements. We as coaches are here to help you find that stimulus so you can keep on moving tomorrow and 10 years from now.



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