What the lockdown has thought me

Recently I was in a call with one of our members that happens to be the director of a museum in Berlin. The lockdowns have created a huge challenge to the culture scene in Berlin and many are seeing their life’s work being ruined.

We talked about what the Museum can do now, and what the real purpose of their museum is. I can imagine for some people it is about the impressive architecture and for others about the art you can experience in person. But also, it might also be about the things we learn about ancient art or modernistic paintings. 

In the last lockdown I realised what the core of Escapist Crossfit is. It is not barbells, it is not dumbbells, it is not online programs and it is not workouts. 

We want to make people fit, healthy and feel better. And we do that via coaching in person, over phone, over apps or social media. The reason why people have unused (expensive) equipment, treadmills, yoga mats and running shoes is not because they lack equipment or space, it is because they are in lack of motivation. As a coach I want to motivate you to do more out of yourself as long as you want it. 

For some people coaching is about having a tailored plan of how to become better at crossfit or get rid of back pain. For others it is about changing their diet or replace a bad habit with a good habit. There are many ways to coach for some the best way is to do it in a 1-1 setting in person, for others to do it in a group, over an app, over email, over phone or over Zoom. To our coaching we implement Crossfit, the best training methodology in the world. 

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PSI. What is the core of your profession or business? Have you made a shift during the lockdowns? Let me know!

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