How to manage your health when working 24/7

The current situation of increased home office work has made us more productive and also more free. The problem is that most of us use that freedom to work even more.

If you are currently in the situation of the lockdown with the added factor of having a family, as I have, not only has the workload has increased at your place of work, but in the home as well. You are now replacing teachers and kindergarten staff. This adds extra hours of childcare to the plate. 

In all of this, we need to find time for ourselves. Here is how you  can manage that.

So let’s have a look at the facts. You have a plate full of things to do, but you also have the freedom of controlling your time during the day. 

If you spend any time at all on social media, it is a sign that you’re already wasting time. Social media is not important. If you are reading the newspaper everyday, it is also not a priority, as long as you are not affected directly in business or privately on a minutely basis. 

Use that time to first evaluate your plate of duties. Your day has 24 hours, and the first thing we can map out is 8 hours of sleep. This leaves us with 16 hours. The next part is to add in at least 20 min of purposeful exercise and 40 minutes  for eating. The next priority is to  plan in your  family time, work, homeschooling and other duties. It may look something like this.

When to do what.

If you have a  busy schedule, I recommend that you try out something  that one of our members has done. He has a fully packed schedule with work and family along with training in the morning. We evaluated his schedule and found out that training at 6:30 three times a week in the morning would be the easiest and most efficient way to not create any stress in his private and work life.

In a period of 6 months, he has dropped almost 10 kg of body fat, and can now run 5ks for the first time in 15 years.The most important element  for him is that he now  wakes up each morning without bodily pain. This alone has increased his quality of life tremendously.

The key point here is to build your day around the most important tasks and to have the ability to focus on those tasks.

For further planning and better time management, there are many options that suit different people depending on your personality type. 

Finding exactly what works for you can be chosen by trying out different systems by yourself, or by having someone help you, which could save you time and make you even  more productive. 

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