Why I don’t give up

Photo: @EllyHuetter

I want to give up. But I can’t.
I want to stop. But I can’t.

One reason I have created the habit of going to be too late is because I have a hard time to quit. Usually in the late night I get very exited when researching or developing things. I‘m very aware of this problem and I have been sometimes deliberate about just not starting anything in the evening and just go to bed together with the kids.

When it comes to running a small boutique gym I am constantly challenged to check if this is really worth doing. First spending years of not earning a dime and countless mornings and evenings away from my family is nothing a sane person would do. Then a pandemic hits and now much that work building up has been pulled away and the total

lack of perspective in lockdown lengths or measurements make it impossible to plan effectively. Easiest way would be to just throw away the key and move on and start working within pharma. But I don’t.

The reason is that I am on a mission to do something great. I want to change the world. I want to change the conversation we are having about what health and happiness is. I want to build an army of healthy and happy people that can use their greatness to get more positive things done. Having more energy for their families and work. Making them doing their best to be responsible of their lives. And that starts with having a strong core.  The mental and physical core that we help building.

This is why, now in this pandemic, I have more things to do. I need to expand!

Today is a part of my future history, a part of your future history.

What we do today will be a part of the journey we chose to take.

Have a great journey!


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