True impact – what really matters

The only thing that really matters is that you are moving and over time getting fitter and healthier and I will try to help you understand why.

For me it is important to be able to help you, your family and friends to do get fitter and healthier.

But why is that important to me, and why is that important to you?

In todays post, I want to explain the root cause of what we are trying to achieve and why it matters.
I want you to write down the five most important things in your life. Here are some common ones, you don’t have to have a certain order if that is difficult. Just point down the most important things (family, work etc. or values (honest, timely, positive etc.) . 

  • Family
  • Work
  • Friends
  • My hobby
  • Education

Now I want you to think of how your health determines the quality and output you can demonstrate in each category. We can break this down together.

Being fit and healthy will enable me to be a better partner and parent because I am not a burden but can do almost anything.

Work & Carrer
Being fit and healthy will allow me to work more, be a better boss/colleague, be more efficient, be more creative and productive, make a career and make more money.

I am able to join all adventures of my friends and also be of huge help if they are in need. They can count on me.

My hobby
A healthy mind and body gives me more courage to develop in my hobbies and keeps me fit to practice when I want and I am not stopped by a broken body or broken mind.

I always want to learn new things and the focus I get from having a fit body gives me more energy and focus for any new challenge.

When you think it through you there will be few areas in life that are not impacted of the status of your health. 
The proof of that can easily be done. Unhealthy people will always be constrained. Healthy people live longer, they can chose to have more of what ever they like. 

It starts with you. You are the most important person in your life. 
By taking responsibility of your own health you create yourself choices to become a better parent, boss, friend or partner.

What ever stage you are in your health and fitness journey, me and everyone at Escapist want to help you to improve.
Here are the things we are doing right now to help improve others:

  • Coaching via phone – remote PT
  • Technique coaching via program, zoom or truecoach – remote PT
  • Personal Training – here
  • Nutrition coaching – here
  • Behavioural coaching – setting up routines and habits.
  • Daily free workouts over YouTube 
  • Weekly educational videos and blog about healthy habits, training and coaching
  • Podcasts with top field scientist, coaches and entrepreneurs

If there is something that you think is missing to improve your health and fitness I would be happy to get that feedback. Just put a comment below.

Here is your homework:
Write down top 5 values or things. Think about it deeply what they really mean to you. Don’t put family, work or honesty on the list if they are not really important to you.

Tell me you insights. Did you discover something new or do you have any questions?
I always reply to all emails and I am happy to hear your thoughts.

Kind regards

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