The only thing you can control

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation. I was talking to a great girl who was doing market research in the realm of fitness. During this pandemic, with lockdowns and restrictions, things change all the time and planning for the future has been impossible for many. Healthy and happy people have been isolated in front of their screens and they work more than ever. There is not really anything else to do.

Working more might lead to higher income, it might lead to being able to buy more stuff but all that does not matter as soon as you start to feel pain or get ill. Being in pain and agony takes out the motivation out of most people and performance at work soon starts to drop. Suddenly we are in a downward spiral towards the bottom of both our health and career.

Even if things are unpredictable during this and upcoming pandemic there is one thing you can control. And that is your health.You can make sure you are eating well. You can make sure you are moving well. If you are not doing this, you are leaving a lot of your potential of being more productive and resilient to any changes that might come.

The main obstacle for most people is that they might know that they need to do something, but they don’t have a plan.A simple google search can give you 1 billion workouts and recipes for a healthy life, but nothing happens. Why is that?

The reason why people don’t take action is because there is no body checking in on them and no one else caring about their health.Your health is your business and you have no external auditing partner checking in on you. That is usually where people need to have a coach.

Having a coach is to have someone else also caring but also using their experience to make you fit via overcoming motivational problems, adapting a program fitting your needs and helping you to make better habits in life.But just simply having a coach does not solve the problem. You also need to trust the coach and believe in him or her and that trust can only be gained by you understanding that the coach cares about you. 

I know this because this is what we do everyday to help our members, one by one, day by day, to improve their health and fitness.The coaching was the key to why most of our members came out of the first lockdown healthier and fitter than before the lockdown.

So, if you are lacking motivational issues or lacking some direction you should reach out to a coach that you feel you can trust. You can read about how we coach reach out to us but you can also reach out to somebody you already know. Point is that you start to take control of the only thing you can take control of, and that is your health.

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