A Weight Loss Strategy That Works! | Jordana’s Story

Jordana has been putting in the work to create a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. She came to us in June of 2020. The photo on the left is from just before she started, and from the right….present day!

Her goal was to find a sustainable way lose weight after lockdown, which had become difficult due to the situation and her usual exercise outlet being unavailable.

Jordana was looking for a fitness plan to get back on track after lockdown.

Jordana started regular personal training sessions with us whilst tackling a number of other lifestyle changes outside the PT room. Let’s hear from Jordana on her experiences so far and see some present day pictures showing the phenominal transformation!

Q. How long have you been undertaking personal training with Escapist CrossFit?
A. Since the beginning of June 

Q. Why did you start?
A. I had put on a LOT of weight during “quarantine” or lockdown, or home office. I was cut off from my family who live in another country and I ate for comfort. My source of exercise also disappeared, as I generally dance a lot (several times a week), but during Corona, this was not an option. It didn’t help that I already went into lockdown with too much weight. When I finally decided to weigh myself I nearly had a heart attack and I started changing my habits that very day, and also called Rickard, from Escapist, the same day as well. I had heard a lot of great things about CrossFit, also seen results from friends on Facebook, and since Escapist is literally around the corner from my place, I decided to go for it.  

Q. What have your results been so far?
A. I have lost 15 kg and A LOT of cm from my measurments! I didn’t just lose the weight, I also toned my body up quite a bit.  

Q. What is your favourite exercise?
A. Anything with the barbell, except the clean… I am not good at my elbow coordination in that one haha. But it is the first time I have lifted weights and I am really enjoying it!

 Q. What would you say to someone considering the personal training at Escapist CrossFit?
A. I would say: go for it! The atmosphere is so nice, so family like, so supportive. I mentioned how I had never lifted weights before, but I was instructed so carefully, I always felt safe. I have never been big into exercising (except dancing) and here I always felt motivated to go and push myself. 

 Q. What other advice would you give to people trying to achieve a goal, weightloss or otherwise?
A. Well firstly, do it with a professional PT. The structure, support and guidance is key. But what also helped me a lot day to day things like calorie counting (making sure I am staying in my deficit (I used the Yazio App)) and walking/running a bit. I used to hate walking and was never a runner, but after learning about the importance of frequent activity, I used the Couch to 5K App to get me from 1 min to 20 mins running, and went on a combo of walking and running almost every day (about 5 times a week on top of PTing). For me it was important to have realistic expectations (no deadline, allow cheating, allow lazy days) – without the support from Escapist and a realistic approach, I wouldn’t have seen it through.  

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