6 ways to get the most out of lockdowns


We all have habits. Sometimes we are aware of them and sometimes we are not.By looking at your daily habits and routines you can start to distinguish if things happen to you or because you make them happen.I think this lockdown gives a great opportunity to work on our habits. 

Keep contacts tight
Social distance in real life is necessary to reduce risk of spreading of germs, however you can still use this time to work on your relationships.There is probably someone you know, that you have not talked to in a long while. Now you have the chance to call this person and share some of your kindness. Your voice or call will make that persons days much better. If you don’t have anyone to call, you can call me.

Eating habits
You are now in full control of what you eat and what you are not eating. One simple rule of thumb is to keep junk food, snacks and unhealthy things away from home. Now, you can plan your weeks groceries, shopping and cooking. It is easy to leave this to coincidence but now you have the chance to do something about that.This is your chance to try something different. Change your approach to diets, foods and nutrition. The ones that takes one step forward is progressing, the one who does not move will stagnate. If you are uncertain about foods a good start can be to watch this now free webinar we did about nutrition.

Instead of focusing on the things you can’t do this is the time to focus on the things you can do. There is a lot of opportunity to work on things you usually neglect. All the most basic skills of gymnastics are usually in this category. Being able to do a 30s L-Sit on the floor is an easy task for a gymnast but almost impossible even by high professional athletes in other sports. Adding that strength and power to your tool box will give you new options in all other areas of gymnastics but also in weightlifting and simply daily tasks.

A theme that is especially a tough nut for me and for others. Statistically we all lack sleep but mostly men. The lack of sleep leads to disturbing hormonal balances, neurological adaptation, memory and much more. Basically a person that sleeps less will develop physiological and phycological damage over time. Lockdowns again gives us full control to take care of our sleep and build up healthy habits of perfect…

The most unspoken part of training is recovery. If you don’t give your body recovery you are not getting the benefits from the training as much as you could have. That means you trained and basically wasted that time because you did not properly recover. If you neglect it for longer time the body will start to weaken and injuries will occur forcing you to a stop and now you will lose all the work you have put it. Building up work capacity requires periods of de-load and periods of higher load and seeing it from the perspective that a reload period will strengthen you even more should give you a better understanding of how to use times where you cannot train as you are used to.

What is the cost of being unfocused? I think this is the biggest thing where many people waste their time and their money aka their life. I know this because, I’m pretty good at wasting my own time. But what does it mean? It means if I spend my time on things that are not important for me and if I am constantly distracted chasing goals and fulfilling stories I think are important but are ultimately a waste of time. A couple of years ago I did my pivot I trying to get more focused but and is a constant progress, so don’t expect it to be done in one day. Being focused and knowing what you want to achieve has to be the most important thing. I touched on that topic in my last email and it comes down to describing to yourself, your values and what makes you happy. I made a blog post that can help you get started here.

Is there anything you feel right away you want to take control of?
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