Physical progress for Mental health

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – Markus Aurelius 121 BC

For two millennia (and probably longer) we know that happiness comes from within. It is a cliché and just like often expected cliches tend to bear some truth.

But how do I practically get better quality thoughts?

Big spoiler! Training brings us better quality thoughts and it is because of the compound impact training has on our bodies. Technically the brain gets all the hormones that makes us feel good. Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. We know these hormones are essential for human being to feel purpose and meaning in life. 

Of course we also see the physical strain on our body makes us look better but as I have touched on in my previous blogs is that physical self confidence comes from our own perception of ourselves and if we feel more secure we also signal this to the world. That person then becomes more attractive to anyone observing. This is important to understand. It is not the six pack that makes anyone happy but also it does not automatically lead to being perceived as attractive. It is all in our heads.

The mental strain from training leads to a stronger mind outside the our gym. And it is here our self-esteem builds up when we see that we can endure harder mental tasks. We can tolerate stress better and keep our focus longer.

It is the persuit of this progress that creates happiness over time. Because happiness is not an end goal. Happiness shows it self when there is balance between mental strain and mental capacity. What makes us happy is if the strain is slightly above our comfort zone. It cannot be below, because that makes us bored. It cannot be too far above because then it is not reachable.

And this is exactly what we prepare and practice inside the gym, it is to be slightly outside the comfort zone. 

The goal is to continuously expand our comfort zone so the journey never ends. That is great news because it means our lives have amazing capacity to expand. How far one wants to expand lies in the hands of each individual.

It is not a quick fix by any means but as I see it only training has the instant gratification that feeds the longterm goal, to feed the goose. All other options of instantly making us happy via alcohol, drugs, having sweats, watching Netflix, playing video games or other abuse does not feed the goose.

So here is my challenge to you. Train one extra day for the next 12 weeks and tell me if you feel better or worse.

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