Reducing Stress

Nothing impacts or cognitive capacity and our mental well-being as much as stress does. Sometimes it enhances our focus and strengthens our bodies and minds. This is how stress should work. It should help us.

But for most people stress is the most common reason why people struggle with enjoying what they do. Often we love our work but it is the stress that makes it bad. 

The stress leads to that we do mistakes and that we fall further behind. The only way to counter that is to work more and then we are trapped.

Stress leads to bad sleep and elevated stress hormones leads to gaining weight. The increased stress then leads to other inflammatory issues in the gut, skin and eventually joints. At this point we suffer from the side effects of stress on our free time as well.

The counter medicine is simple but needs to be repeated. We have to take a break where we train and exercise. Training reduces stress and makes us more productive leading to us making less mistakes. It leads to better sleep and us enjoying our work and life.

To break a bad cycle you have to take an active stop and push back. I know this is hard and this is why we are here. We want to help to create that good cycle because it makes all the difference for you, your family work and friends. A fitter version of you is a happier version. That version will have more energy to care and be active. This is why we don’t give up on our pursuit to help.

We can stop stress together and the right time to do it is now before it takes over.

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