The clearest decision ever made

This blog post is mostly for small business owners.

One of the gyms in town has announced they will open a second location. I saw the owner coaching many classes and I had a small epiphany.

I think many small business owners look into expanding and in CrossFit many look into expanding with more locations. I definitely belong to this category but then I realized what would be needed for me to take that decision.

When I look back in life there are certain decisions that I took that were risky and some that were very easy. For example when I took the decision to move to Germany, I had to take many risks that it all would fall apart. It was in no way an easy decision and still I’m not sure if I have come over the hardest parts yet.

In contrast I have got the chance to be invited to amazing opportunities, for example to a business meeting where I knew there was no question I would make a couple of millions in revenue just by attending to that meeting. Risk was low, and reward was great.

When opening a new business, any type really, I think most of us take a lot of risk but we are willing because it might be a calling or we have no other option.

Opening up a second location however should be the easiest decision in the world. The rent should be great, the audience should be there, the timing should be perfect and I should definitely not have any distractions. 

If I am starting to argue with myself with arguments like “if we reach this number it might be a good business…” or “I really like it but…”, it is already a sign I should not do it.

Something we can to before dealing with decisions might be to map out our ideal circumstances. For example if I map out exactly how the location looks like, costs and how my daily schedule looks like. Anything that deviates from my ideal is not worth it.

It should be the easiest decision I have ever made.

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