4 Phases of Health & Fitness

There are 4 phases when it comes to health and fitness.

I have defined theses as Inception phase, Propitious phase, Velocity phase and Autonomous phase.

We all start at the inception phase and then slowly over the years move through all these phases.

If I stop training my fitness and health will get worse and I will start over from the inception phase.

Most people struggle with the first phase, the inception phase. They never get a good routine going.

I want to help get through this phase as quickly as possible which takes about 12 weeks. Because in the next phase you will start to see results that last for life. 

Eventually I want people to get so independent with their training they can inspire others to start with their inception phase (and I am so happy our members do this everyday!).

In each phase we have different struggles and I am here to help in all those, as a coach and as a mentor.

Let me know which phase you are in and I am happy to tell you what will be most successful for you.

All the best,


Founder, Coach & Mentor

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